The Arts

At St. Rita's School we have continued to develop programs in all areas of The Arts, especially in recent years. The Arts curriculum area comprises of 5 strands:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Visual
  • Arts
  • Dance
  • Media

music.JPGIn the music strand we have employed a teacher to take class lessons for all students from Prep to Year 7. This teacher also conducts our Senior and Junior choirs and takes rehearsals on two mornings each week before school. We also offer programs in guitar, keyboard and strings.

Every year students have many opportunities to demonstrate outcomes in all of the above areas, including performing at regular concerts, on school fete day, carols night, liturgies and assemblies, eisteddfods, Art Show and a school musical.

Our Dance program runs over a term for Years P-3 students and again in another term for students in Year 4-7. The students in Year P-3 perform some of the dances they have learnt at our annual fete.

In the area of media we offer students many opportunities to develop and display skills related to this strand. Students are encouraged to use technology to their advantage, including a fully equipped ICT lab and the use of digital cameras and multi-media projectors.