Daily Routine

​School Hours & Supervision

Please send your child on time each day. Regular attendance at school is essential for progress and it is important that students are present for the start of school as organisational details are given to students in the first session.

Students arriving at school early will need to be booked into Outside School Hours Care 

Students will be supervised during the first and second lunch breaks.

Daily Schedule
8:20am - 8.40am​
Supervised Play
8:4​0a​m - 10:40am Morning Session
10:40am - 11:20am 1st Break
11:20am - 1:20pm Middle Session
1:20pm - 1:50pm 2nd Break
1:50pm - 3:00pm Last Session​

After School

If there is a change to the normal routine of travel, please notify the school during the day with the change of plans for the child/ren to be informed.

At 3:00pm students move to these areas:

  • Benfer Rd drive thru area – supervised by teachers
  • Bus collection area – students taken to bus stop and supervised by teacher
  • Directly to parents waiting in school grounds

Parents are asked NOT to organise their children to wait at the back of the school or the staff car park for collection.  If it is more convenient for you to collect your child/ren from Sycamore St direction, park the car and come into the school grounds to collect your child/ren.

Drop Off and Pick Up at Benfer Rd Drive Thru

  • The Drive Thru area is not a parking area.  Parents dropping their children in the morning are asked to drop their children at the gate into the Drive Thru area and move on.
  • The Benfer Road Drive Thru is the ONLY designated drop off and pick up zone for students of St Rita’s Primary School.
  • Students are dismissed from class at 3:00pm.  It takes some time for the students to move from their classroom to the Benfer Road Drive thru assembly area.
  • Students sit quietly and wait for their family name to be called.
  • The family name is displayed in large letters and attached to the passenger side sun visor for the teacher on duty to read.  Family name signs are available from the school office early in the year.
  • When a family name is called, students move to the gate and wait until the teacher gives them instructions to move to their car.
  • For Drive Thru to move smoothly parents are requested to:
    • Practice with your children how to get into the car quickly and buckle up
    • Have your family name displayed
    • Have patience if the car in front is not ready to move when you are.  Stay in the line and do not overtake
    • Move to the waiting area if requested by a teacher if your child is not in the waiting area
  • Drive Thru is cleared by 3:20pm – a good tip – plan to arrive at St Rita’s around 3:10pm.  You will move through easily and avoid congesting the roundabout at the carpark entrance.

A Crossing Supervisor works on the crossing in Benfer Rd before and after school to facilitate safe crossing.


  • All cyclists must wear safety helmets while travelling to and from the School. This is a State Government Law.
  • Bikes are wheeled when in the school grounds.
  • Once at the school, bicycles should be stored in the designated area, and are out of bounds to all students including their owners until the end of the day.

Early Departure

If your child needs to leave school early for any reason, a parent or registered caregiver​ is required to come to the school office and register their departure in the electronic system before collecting your child.  Students will be asked to meet you at the office.  DO NOT COLLECT THEM FROM THE CLASSROOM.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of a storm warning, or other emergency, parents are encouraged to collect their children directly from the classroom prior to 3.00 p.m.; otherwise students will be kept inside the classrooms until the teacher considers the unsafe situation has passed.

In the case of a school evacuation to the Assembly Area (School Oval), NO child will be able to leave until the all clear has been given.


St Rita's is serviced by the Transdev Bus Company Capalaba depot (Ph: 3248 6100), which provides transport around the areas of Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Cleveland, and the Island ferries.  Difficulties being experienced on the buses need to be addressed with the bus company as the school has no authority over bus companies. The transdev Website (http://www.transdevqld.com.au/index.php?page=School-Buses) gives excellent descriptions of each of the bus routes.

See Also: Outside School Hours Care​​