Science is part of the human quest for understanding and wisdom, and reflects human wonder about the world. The study of science can help students reach deeper understandings of the world and the universe around them.

In the Science Key Learning Area (KLA), students work scientifically to investigate, understand and communicate their understanding of concepts within the five Science strands. These consist of :

  • Science and Society
  • Earth and Beyond
  • Energy and Change
  • Life and Living
  • Natural and Processed Materials.

Within each of these strands the students are provided with the opportunities to demonstrate those learnings which are considered essential. How those learnings are taught is determined by the careful collaborative planning and teaching carried out by year level teachers.


In order to encourage students to develop an interest in science, St Rita's offers a Science Club as an extra-curricular activity. Science Club meets every Wednesday during first break and is designed to allow students to explore, experiment and explain scientific concepts and to have fun doing this with other students. Science Club is open to students in years 4-7 and focuses on engaging with science through experimentation and participating in the CSIRO Crest Award Program, which involves both science and technology components. The students also have the opportunity to enter various competitions throughout the year, such as the Chemical Institute's Crystal Growing Competition. Science Club works to develop a passion for science in students by providing the guidance and the resources for constructive learning within a scientific environment.