Health & Physical Education

StRita's_082.JPGHealth and Physical Education lessons are conducted with the students from Prep to Year Seven. The students are involved in a 40 minute lesson once a week with the H&PE Specialist and also undertake follow up lessons with the classroom teacher at other times during the week.

In the Early Years (P-2) the program is focussed on developing perceptual motor skills. The program includes the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, core stability and perception. These skills are important as they have a relationship with classroom work and other sporting activities developed in the Junior and Middle Years.

In the Junior Years (3-5) the program is focussed on developing skills that can be applied to modified games and activities. These skills include hand-eye co-ordination, foot-eye co-ordination, and fine motor and gross motor skills. The students begin to use these skills in modified games which are focussed on fun and participation.

In the Middle Years (6-7) the program is focussed on developing skills that can be applied to a wide variety of games and sporting activities. The students begin to focus on strategies and tactics to enhance team performance. These skills are applied during interschool sport carnival days through participation in a wide variety of ball sports, soccer, netball, touch football, AFL, team handball, volleyball/newcombe ball, softball/T-Ball and cricket.


St Rita's Primary School has a well established Outdoor Education Program that commenced in 2002. The program aims to develop student's knowledge and skills in the outdoors. The students undertake a variety of activities that include environmental studies, challenge activities, problem solving, group initiatives along with many aspects of personal growth and development.

The Program also offers opportunities to develop and demonstrate independence, self confidence and persistence through self and others. The program achieves this by providing experiences that students may not have encountered before.

Each year level program runs for approximately 6 weeks as the students prepare for their year level camp. The students undertake many activities leading into the camp so that they are prepared for the upcoming experience. The school's Outdoor Education Program enables the students to grow in their own time without being taken too far out of their comfort zones. The teachers also get to see the students in a different environment which allows them time to spend some quality time with the students in their class and year level. The program is a valuable learning experience provided for students in years 4-7.