Our Mascot - Gus

As part of the St Rita's Day celebrations in 2012 the students were given the challenge to design a mascot that represents our St Rita's Community. From this day "Gus Augustine" emerged. This name came from St Augustine and our Augustinian Charisms. Gus became a Koala to link with our larger Redland Community. Gus was designed to present our vision of Knowledge, Truth and Love. He has our logo of the tree to represent Knowledge, he wears a cross to represent Truth and a heart to represent Love. We have welcomed "Gus Augustine" to our school - the spirit of Gus is real to all of us reflecting Knowledge, Truth and Love to all ages within our community.

Gus has become an important and ever present part of our community. Gus takes part in various events around the school:

  • Whole school assemblies
  • Early Years Assemblies
  • Fete
  • Sporting Events

In May he even joined with many families at the Redlands Koala Fun Run

Gus emails students who are being the best they can be and visits classes to promote school expectations.

GUS 2.jpg
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