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6th June - Year 1 Fire Engine Visit​
7th June - Junior Drama Performance
8th June - Year 4 Excursion
                   Trivia Night
11th June - Parent/Teacher interviews 
11th to 13th June - Year 5 Camp​
12th June - Year 3 Excursion
18th June - Sports Day
22nd June - Parent/Teacher interviews 
27th June - Semester 1 Reports go home

29th June - Last day of Term 2
16th July  - First day of Term 3​



 What's on at St Rita's



Sports Newshttp://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Sports-News.aspxSports News<p><strong></strong></p><h2>Sports Day</h2><p>Congratulations to everyone who was involved in activities on Sports Day this week. It was a wonderful<br>day full of excitement and healthy competition between house teams.</p><p>A big thankyou to all our teachers who facilitated activities on the day which allowed everything to run<br>so smoothly. Furthermore, to our groundsmen Eric and Connor who committed a lot of time into the<br>preparation of our oval - creating a spectacular venue for our Sports Day. Well Done Everyone!</p><p><strong>Congratulations….MAROON HOUSE! - “Sports Day Champions 2018”</strong></p><p><strong>​<br></strong></p><h2>Congratulations</h2><p style="text-align:justify;">Congratulations to Holly C year 5 who competed in FISAF state championships for sports aerobics on the​ weekend. She won 2 gold medals at the State Champions in fitness and also state champions in duo synchronised routines. She is now competing in nationals representing Queensland in August.<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;"><br> </p><h2>Athletics Training</h2><p>Athletics training will continue for approximately another 7 weeks – Monday, Wednesday and Friday<br>mornings from 7.30 – 8.10am.</p><p>Mr Ben Luscombe is facilitating the training program. Ben is heavily involved in many of our neighbouring schools throughout Redlands and we encourage all students who are interested to attend as many days possible. This program is funded by ‘Sporting Schools’ and there is no  cost to students involved.</p><ul><li>Mondays – Sprinting<br></li><li>Wednesdays – Throwing<br></li><li>Fridays – Jumping<br></li></ul>
Reporting on Student Progresshttp://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Parent-Teacher-Interviews.aspxReporting on Student Progress<p>​This semester’s Student Progress Report document contains a few changes. At St Rita’s, we continue to reflect on our teaching practices with the focus on continuous improvement. The purpose of the report card is to provide a summary of your child’s progress (for the semester in which it is given) against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards. The report identifies not only their academic progress and effort, but also their personal and social capabilities. </p><p>The changes you will notice in this semester’s Report Card are as follows: </p><p></p><ol><li><strong>Personal and Social Capabilities</strong>: In previous years, we have been using the ‘School Expectations’ (Respect Everyone; Inspire Learning; Take care of property and our environment; Act Safe and Be Safe) to report on your child’s work habits, interactions and general effort. After a lengthy consultation process with St Rita’s teaching staff, a decision was made to change the way we report this information to bring it in line with the Australian Curriculum’s Personal and Social Capabilities. <br><br>This year, there are four interrelated elements that teachers will use to make judgements about your child’s work habits and general behaviour: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social awareness and Social management (refer to the latest newsletter for more details).<br><br></li><li><strong>English</strong>: Last year the reporting of English saw a few changes. In Semester One, teachers reported in English with a level of achievement for the Productive Modes (Listening, Reading, Viewing) and another level of achievement for the Receptive Modes (Speaking, Writing, creating). In Semester Two, an Overall Achievement for English was added. This year, your child’s progress in English will be indicated by a teacher judgement in terms of their Overall Achievement and their Effort. Teachers will continue to make these judgments, drawing on assessment data they have collected as evidence during the semester, from both the productive and receptive modes. </li></ol><div><br> </div><div>​The report cards will be made available via the Parent Portal for you to read and download from Wednesday 27th June 2018. Please contact the school if you are having any difficulties.<br></div><div><br> </div>
Arts Showcasehttp://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Music-News.aspxArts Showcase<p></p><p>The Arts Showcase provided a great opportunity for our St Rita's students who participate in our school choirs, ukulele groups, instrumental music program, piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance classes, etc to perform in front of a large supportive and enthusiastic audience. Sincere thanks to Mr Tyrrell as organiser and to all of the Instructors, coaches and support parents who work with the students and assisted in making the night such a success. Special congratulations to all of the student stars who shone so brightly on the night.​<br></p>

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