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​14th February - Ash Wednesday Mass
15th February - District Swimming Carnival
23rd March - Bayside Swimming Carnival 



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Sport Newshttp://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Sport-News.aspxSport News<p><strong>District Swimming</strong><br>Well Done! To all our representative swimmers who competed in the Annual Bayside District Swimming Carnival. St Rita’s was well represented across a multitude of events with some great results achieved.<br>Congratulations to our swimmers who gained selection in the Swimming Squad to compete at Regionals later this term.</p><ul><li>Will C (Year 6) was selected to compete in 50m ​Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle and 200 IM.  </li><li>Liam S (Year 6) was selected to compete in 50m and 100m Breaststroke, Freestyle and Backstroke.</li><li>Sophie E (Year 5) was selected to compete in 50m All strokes, 100m Breaststroke, Freestyle and Backstroke and 200IM.   Further congratulations to Sophie who was awarded Age Champion for the 11yr Girls Division based on her accumulated results at the carnival. A great achievement!</li></ul><p><strong>Cross Country Training</strong><br>Cross Country training will then be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.40 – 8.10am.<br>Students are asked to meet Mr Kenyon under the covered area outside the tuckshop prior to 7.40am.<br>Training is on offer to all students interested. See you there!</p><p><strong>District Sport Trials</strong><br>If there are any students interested in attending the following trials on offer – please see Mr Kenyon ASAP.<br>It is highly suggested/recommended that you are involved with a local club for these sports, have<br>representative experience and display a high knowledge and level of skill.<br></p><p>1. 12yr Girls Netball (due 23 February)<br>2. 12yr Boys Rugby League (due 26 February)<br>3. 10-12yr Boys Basketball (due 27 February)<br>4. 10-11yr Girls Netball (due 28 February)<br>5. 10-12yr Boys AFL (due 2 March)<br>6. 10-12yr Girls and Boys Hockey (due 5 March)</p><p><strong>​COLES – Sport for Schools Vouchers</strong><br>Please remember to collect all the Coles Sports for School vouchers. The more vouchers the school can<br>collect the more sporting equipment Coles will supply to our school community. Keep them coming.​​</p>
Prep 2019http://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Prep-2018.aspxPrep 2019<p style="text-align:justify;">​<br></p><p style="text-align:justify;">If you have a younger child due to start Prep in 2019 (born 01/07/2013 to 30/06/2014) please submit the <a href="/enrolments/Pages/default.aspx">online enrolment application</a>​ now. The applications are to be completed online only. Please remember to forward or deliver to the school, copies of birth and baptismal certificates and any other documenta​tion you think may be relevant. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.</p> <div style="text-align:center;"><img width="736" height="551" src="/PublishingImages/prep.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:414px;height:311px;" /> </div> <p style="text-align:justify;"> </p>
Around Our School This Weekhttp://www.stritasvp.qld.edu.au/Whats-on/Pages/Around-Our-School-This-Week.aspxAround Our School This Week<p> </p><h2>Play Pod</h2><p>For those who may not be aware, the Play Pod is blue shipping container located on the lower oval intended to offer a rostered, supervised alternative play option for Years 3-6 students at break times. This includes creative but safe temporary construction options such as reels, tubes, tubs, foam shapes, crates, etc. For a couple of reasons, we’ve closed the Play Pod this week, so that we can give it a tidy up and revamp.</p><p>During the course of use last year, the number of items in the Pod dwindled through regular use and so we’d like to restock it with some replacement and additional items. We’d love to hear from any parents and carers <br>who might have some work connections that would give them free or low cost access to safe creative construction items such as plastic crates and tubs, foam and vinyl shapes, wooden blocks and offcuts, cable reels, tarps and cloth sheets etc etc which have no sharp points or edges. Some examples of existing items are shown below. </p><p>If you think you can assist in this regard, please contact me via the school office or email me details and/or photos <a href="mailto:bmason@bne.catholic.edu.au">bmason@bne.catholic.edu.au</a>  so we can discuss suitability and other arrangements.​</p><p><img alt="playpod.jpg" src="/Whats-on/PublishingImages/playpod.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><br> </p>

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