UR Strong Friendship Program

Information was sent out to families last year​ regarding a new friendship program to be implemented fully in 2023. As parents you have access to this program with the school’s subscription, the logging in information was sent in the email. To further help you understand the program and to help you be part of the team to coach your children along, here is some extra information for you.

Language of Friendship Overview:
In this video, Dana Kerford (Friendship Expert & Founder of URSTRONG) will introduce you to URSTRONG’s simple framework for guiding children towards healthy friendships. Sit back and relax while Dana walks you through URSTRONG’s unique, kid-friendly language to teach friendship skills and conflict resolution!

Bullying: What Schools are Getting Wrong: We are working hard at our school to create a culture of kindness among the students. To do this, we have embraced URSTRONG’s proactive approach to bullying. Here’s an interview with the Founder of URSTRONG sharing why we use the term “Mean-on-Purpose” instead. It is important to note, however, that we believe over 90% of conflicts that happen at school are, what URSTRONG calls, Friendship Fires®.