First Holy Communion

Last Saturday and Sunday, the 18th and 19th of June, students in Year 4 celebrated their First Holy Communion with Fr Ladu, this coincided with The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ or Corpus Christi. During Fr Ladu’s homily he mentioned how participating in the Eucharist nourishes our soul, just like how we need to eat food every day to receive nourishment for our body, we need to participate in the Eucharist regularly to nourish our souls.

The word ‘communion’ means to be united with; as Catholics we believe that in Holy Communion we are united in a special way with Jesus Christ. By eating and drinking at the Table of the Lord, our students have been given a sign of belonging fully with our St Rita’s Parish Community.

At his last supper, Jesus said of the bread that he shared among his followers, “Take and eat, this is my body.” When we receive Holy Communion, we believe in a mysterious way we are sharing in the body and blood of Christ.

We congratulate all students from St Rita’s who celebrated and received their First Holy Communion last week.