Art Showcase

We will be hosting an Arts Showcase happening on Wednesday 14th September in the Unitas for performing arts students at school. The concert will be starting at 5pm and running through to approximately 6.30pm.

The showcase will involve our School Choirs, Ukulele Club, Guitar/Drum Students and Keyboard Students. Students may be in free dress for the concert however choir students will need to be in their choir shirts.

Please ensure that siblings are properly supervised and with their family members at all times, and not elsewhere in the hall as this can be very distracting for performers

  • 5.00pm-5.10pm - Keyboard Students Unitas
  • 5.10pm-5.20pm - Guitar Students Unitas
  • 5.20pm-5.30pm - Drum Students Unitas
  • 5.30pm-5.40pm - St Rita’s Ukulele Group Unitas
  • 5.40pm-5.50pm - St Rita’s Junior Choir Unitas
  • 5.50pm-6.00pm - St Rita’s Senior Choir Unitas
  • 6.00pm-6.15pm - Jaz Dance Studio’s Dancers

All welcome.

Junior Drama

Last Thursday, our Junior Drama Club performed "Maggon the Dragon" in front of students and families. The students worked really hard to make this performance happen. Congratulations to everyone involved. Your performance was outstanding!