Strategic Renewal Plan

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Catholic School Renewal

For a number of years Brisbane Catholic schools have engaged in ongoing school renewal. School renewal is a systematic way through which local Catholic school communities strengthen their capacity to address their purpose and mission. School renewal provides a means by which schools recreate themselves from within through changes that support continuous review and improvement of the education process at every level; such renewal underpins the provision of high quality inclusive Catholic schooling.

The Strategic Renewal Framework 2012 - 2016 for Catholic Schooling, Archdiocese of Brisbane provides the shared visions and directions of the diocese. The framework identifies eight Archdiocesan schooling priorities, expectations and intentions that along with locally determined school needs provide the context for school renewal in Catholic schools of the diocese.

In engaging the four priorities of the Strategic Renewal Framework (2012-2016) schools will address the defining features identified for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

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To keep our Vision for future growth alive we need to have a plan of action.  This plan will be developed by our school community; parents, staff and students.

To assist with the development of the future plan, a team of parents and staff was formed. Within Brisbane Catholic Education schools, this cycle of planning for continual improvement is called "School Renewal".