Extra Curricular Activities

See Also: Extra Curricular Policy

At St Rita's School we have a number of different activities which take place to compliment the regular school program. These activities are an important part of school life here at St Rita's and would often not happen if it weren't for the generosity of many staff, parents and other community members. These community members, through their willingness, generosity and talent allow our students to experience a wide range of other activities. We acknowledge their gifts and their skills and thank them sincerely for their support.


Some of the cultural activities students can engage in at St Rita's:

  • Choirs & Eisteddfods
  • Instrumental Music Programs
  • Strings, Guitar & Keyboard Lessons
  • School Discos
  • Family Movie Nights
  • Student Art Gallery
  • Lunch time activities including Drama, Coding ​and Chess


As part of school life at St Rita's, students have the option of being a member of the Junior or Senior Choir. Junior Choir involves Year 2 and 3 students and Senior Choir involves Years 4, 5 and 6. During rehearsals students learn the essential skills of singing, including breathing, performance techniques and expression, as well as developing music reading skills through Kodaly practices.  Choir members perform at a variety of school and other events, including class assemblies and liturgies, fetes and carols nights. The choirs also perform at various eisteddfods and have achieved great success at these events.

Instrumental Music

St Rita's has qualified Instrumental Music Teachers who conduct lessons in the following areas -

  • Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Band

Lessons are conducted at various times during the school day as well as before and after school, depending on the chosen instrument. Students have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience at various times throughout the school year.


H&PE Lessons

On a weekly basis all classes attend a 40 minute Health & Physical Education lesson with the specialist H&PE Teacher. A follow up lesson is then undertaken by the class teacher at another time throughout the week. The focus of these lessons is on maximum participation and activities are modified to allow all students the opportunity to participate at their own skill level.

Interschool Sport

Students in years 5 and 6 compete against other schools within the Redlands District in a wide variety of sporting activities. These activities include netball, soccer, AFL and touch football for winter sports and volleyball/newcombeball, softball/T-Ball, cricket and team handball for summer sports. The focus of this program is on skill development with the two carnival days being opportunities for the students to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in a game situation against other schools.

District Sports

The Redlands District Sports Association provides opportunities for students in most sports to trial for a district team, which then competes at a regional sports level. There are three main activities in which St Rita's competes as a school team. These three activities are cross country, swimming and athletics. Cross Country and Athletics are two areas in which students are able to develop their skills further through training sessions offered before and after school during their respective seasons.

Outdoor Education Program

St Rita's provides a school outdoor education program which aims to develop students' knowledge and skills in outdoor education in years 4-6. The students participate in a range of camps where students learn how to develop problem solving skills through group initiative activities; develop personal development skills of communication, encouragement and teamwork. The program is sequential and begins in the familiar surrounds of the school grounds and moves into unfamiliar environments​.

Local Sporting Activities

Over the past years St Rita's has become involved in the Redlands Junior Touch Football competition. In this time the number of students involved has grown from 10 students to 70+ students. The students make up ​teams ranging from U9's through to U12's. There are many other students who also participate in a wide range of activities offered within the Redlands area.

School Swimming Program

St Rita's offers a school swimming program for all students from P-6. The students in the lower school participate in a ‘learn to swim' program which focuses on stroke development. As students move up through the school, the program incorporates further skills associated with rescue and lifesaving along with skill development in other water sports including triathlon training.

Seasonal Activities

In addition to all of the above, there are a number of seasonal extra curricular activities in which students can participate. These include

  • Athletics
  • Auskick
  • Touch Football