Parent Participation

An increasing amount of what is being done in our school today requires parental involvement.  We see this as a great assistance to our students who, at this age, fortunately love to have Dad and Mum doing something with them, or supporting them in some of their educational adventures.

To help us provide the best possible education for our students, your involvement as parents is welcomed.

Help at school can be in many ways:

  • assisting the teachers with reading, art activities, sport, technology or any area of the curriculum that you have strengths in or enjoy;
  • assisting in the resource centre;
  • helping out in the tuckshop;
  • attending working bees at the school;
  • assisting on school committees   This activity is coordinated by our School Parent Network
  • being a member of the School Board.

When Visiting the School

If you come to visit/help out at any time during the school day sign in at the office and collect a badge.  As you leave please remember to sign out.  Please also ensure that you have completed the Volunteer Student Protection Training.  Click here to access >> 

School Board

The School Board meets every Month.  The Board is based on a “pastoral model” of school boards and exists to develop policy and support to the Principal in the running of the school.

School Parent Network

The SPN meets once a term, on a Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30pm, in the staff room and all parents are welcome to attend. We would love to see you at one of our meetings and to share some ideas that you think may benefit the staff, students and parents of St Rita’s Primary School. Visit School Parent Network​ page for more information....​​