​Parents are welcome, and invited, to visit our school at any time.  For practical reasons, however, it is preferable if appointments to see the teachers or Principal can be made before hand.  The time before school is busy and your child’s teacher will not be able to give time and attention to any lengthy discussion.  Contact with your child’s teacher during the day must be made through the school office.

When visiting the school, all visitors must report to the office, and sign in and collect a badge.

Experiencing Difficulties

If your child is experiencing a specific problem, e.g. learning, medical, emotional, home difficulties, etc., please let us know.  We cannot help him/her if we are unaware of the situation. Sometimes issues which may not seem important to you may be a significant issue for your child at school.  An appointment with your child’s teacher is recommended.


absenteeism.pdfNotification of Student Absences


Change of Address

Please advise any change of address, phone number or other details with the office by either logging onto the  Parent Portal and fill in the details, or by letter or phone immediately.  It is vital that this information is always current. Please provide land lines as well as mobile phone numbers.


Newsletters are emailed to parents each Tuesday to keep you in touch with the happenings of our school, and to advise you of coming events. The newsletter is uploaded each week to this website and also the Parent Portal.​