The 2019 School Year Comes to an End

We have arrived finally at the end of the school year, hopefully with a sense of gratitude for the year that has gone by. We thank God for all the wonderful events we have celebrated, We remember the times of challenge that we have experienced. We ask for continued blessings and graces during our holidays. Thanks go out to all our staff for their hard work throughout the year and the way they have supported students and families during 2019, pastorally and educationally.

Class Teachers 2020

Last Friday our returning students met their 2020 teacher with their class peers. Each family would have received a letter from me via email to advise them of the child/children's class teacher.

St Rita’s 2019 Yearbooks

Our 2019 Yearbook is expected to be ready for distribution this week. It is a another wonderful, colourful publication and I am sure you will enjoy reading it and reflecting on all the events and work we have participated in this year. We will send one copy home with the eldest child of each family.

Semester 2 Student Progress Reports and Cohort Statements

The students’ Semester 2 Progress Reports have been completed and are currently being uploaded to the Parent Portal. While the uploading process is being finalised, parents will temporarily be unable to see and access student report on the Parent Portal. Once the uploads have been complete, parent access will be restored, hopefully by Wednesday afternoon 4th December at the latest. Parents will then be able to access their children’s Semester 1 and Semester 2 reports and also the Cohort Statements applicable to their children’s year levels.

2020 Book Packs

Parents who pre-ordered book packs by Monday 2 December, will be able to pay for and pick those up from the Veritas room this Thursday afternoon 5 December 2:00-3:30pm and Friday morning 6 December 8:00-9:00am. The closing date for home delivery and collection from Redlands Business Park is 18th December. Retail shopping will be available from January 13th through to Jan 25th at Redland Business Park, 5 Daintree Drive, Redland Bay.

End of School Liturgy

You are all most welcome to join us for our end of school liturgy on Friday 6th December ​at 11.00am. School will conclude at the end of this liturgy. Parents are reminded that arrangements will need to be made for the collection or care of students from noon on Friday.

Dates for 2020

Parents are invited to bring in their child’s book pack in to school on Friday 23 January. Teachers will be in their classrooms from 2.00 to 3.00pm on that day to allow you to bring them in without the busy-ness of the first day back to school.

The first day for students next year is Wednesday 29 January, our ‘Tea and Tissues’ cuppa will be in the Unitas on Friday 31 Jan at 8.45am and our welcome BBQ will be on 7 Feb from 5.00pm. You are all most welcome to join us for these events and more information will be forwarded in the new year.

May the Blessings of Christmas be with you,

May the Christ Child light your way,

And keep you safe each day.

With our thanks for your continuing support and best wishes for the Christmas holidays. Carolyn, Brian, Nathan and Sue