St Rita's Parent Network

Did you know …. the SPN has contributed $80 000 towards our playground, marquees and musical instruments. The support our students receive from our parent group is very much appreciated.

All families are members of the St Rita’s Parent Network, a family and community engagement group here at the school.  The aim of the SPN is to support the school principal and staff in providing a high quality inclusive Catholic Education for our children within a nurturing environment.

This group is a team of parents responsible for planning, organising, implementing, and evaluating family and community engagement activities at our school. The SPN does not form policies, this is the role of our School Board.

We aim to have one meeting per term in 2021 as social events will be limited in our current state of the pandemic.

The SPN – St Rita’s Parent Network has a dedicated email address for you to correspond with active members. It is

Our next St Rita’s SPN meeting will be held​ on Tuesday 2 March at 6pm. This will include Fundraising agenda items as well. All parents are welcome.​