New Facebook Page and Group

​St Rita’s are putting a more formal structure around our social media presence and in particular, our Facebook groups. We seek your help to make this transition a smooth and simple one. We understand the benefits of having an online forum for parents to communicate on school matters and therefore, would like to continue having this as a resource for parents who choose to use this medium but to do so, we need to make a few structural and procedural changes.

Guidelines and a Code of Conduct for users of the Parent Group have been written and is on the page and will be emailed shortly.

St Rita’s Catholic Primary School’s Facebook page will remain an open page, intended to advertise the school and its activities to the wider public. We have built a new page to facilitate this and our old page will be shut down shortly.

The link to the new page is

The Parents @ St Rita’s Catholic Primary School page will become an authentic ‘closed group’, intended to provide an online opportunity for current parents/caregivers (only) of the school community to communicate.  The link to the new page is:

Both pages will be administrated and authorised by the school.

No other Facebook page has the school’s authorisation therefore "unofficial" year level pages or groups are not permitted .

An email has been sent with more information including guidelines and code of conduct

Thank you for your support in making this happen.