Mini Vinnies Winter Appeal

The Mini Vinnies Annual Winter Appeal has started and we are asking for the school community to donate some items.

Each year level will be collecting different items. Donations are to be sent to school classrooms and will be collected up until Week 10.

Rosies and BABI will come and collect these items late in Week 10 and ensure they will go to those in need.

  • Prep = Small size toiletries ( mini deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc)
  • Year 1 - Coffee, Cuppa Soups, Long Life Milk
  • Year 2 - Baby Food
  • Year 3 - Biscuits
  • Year 4 - Tinned Meals / sops / vegies, small cans of tuna and baked beans
  • Year 5 - Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Tomato / BBQ Sauce
  • Year 6 - Cheese and Biscuit Snacks, Cereal Bars
  • Staff - Cleaning Products