Indigenous Literacy Day (Prep)

To prepare for our exciting afternoon of the livestream for Indigenous Literacy Day last Wednesday, Prep L read a few different dreamtime stories, and then began our inquiry based rotations.

We began with our version of ochre painting. After learning about the tradition from Indigenous Peoples, we tried replicating the ancient process by rubbing chalk together and then mixing with water to create a paste. We used this to write the names of animals and draw Indigenous symbols outside of our room. We then had sand trays which we used to write some of our high frequency words, and draw Indigenous symbols that we learned were used to pass on stories and Indigenous traditions. We also used play dough to build native animals, and had informative posters out which were more open ended for the students, but we found there were a few bright sparks who decided to show off their stellar handwriting by replicating it! We had a wonderful day of understanding traditions, and we can’t wait to read more Indigenous stories in Prep Love!

indigenousliteracyB.jpg  indigenousliteracyA.jpg