COVID-19 Update

Our SIMT group met again this morning. The messages from our Queensland Senior Medical Officer and Premier are encouraging, but we will continue this week with the same restrictions and protocols in place:

  • Parents will continue to stay outside the school grounds.
  • For late arrivals, early departures and other inquiries, please phone the school office.
  • Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews are booked using PTO and will take place via phone call or online as negotiated with the class teachers.
  • Morning drop-off will remain the same.

Our afternoon departure routines seemed to work quite well overall last week – thank you for your support. We will continue with this system again this week. Our A-K Drive-Thru students will again be released promptly at 2:50 and all other students will be released at 3:00pm. The 2-lane system in Drive-Thru will continue as needed.