Resource Centre

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The library operating platform “Oliver” was upgraded during the holidays. Teachers, parents and students can access our library base from home! Just go to:

The first time you log on, you may have to select St Rita’s school from a drop down selection. Have fun investigating! If you would like extra help, please come in and see us.


IMG_0745.jpgSt Rita's Resource Centre aims to:

  • Assist in the development of learning strategies to produce students who are lifelong learners equipped to live in an information rich age, and who are able to appreciate and enjoy our literary heritage.
  • Provide appropriate resources for both library and curriculum programs to support all members of our school community.
  • Create a welcoming, stimulating environment to encourage enjoyment of learning and leisure pursuits.


Procedure - Borrowing:

  • All community members may borrow including students, school staff, parents and Parish members.
  • Students borrow during school time, and may borrow before and after school.
  • Resources may be borrowed for two weeks.
  • Prep can borrow one resource; Year 1- one resource plus an AV resource; Year 2- two resources plus an AV resource, Years 3- three resources plus an AV resource; Year 4 - four resources plus an AV resource; Year 5 - five resources plus an AV resource; Year 6 - five resources plus an AV resource including Senior Fiction
  • All children must have a named library bag to borrow.
  • Resources become overdue after two weeks and have to be returned before further borrowing can take place. Overdue notices are sent home, and followed up. Lost and damaged resources will need to be paid for by the family.

Library News

The Library is open before and after school for any child or parent who would like to exchange their books.

IMG_0485.jpg​Each class also has a borrowing time during the week:

  • Tuesdays: Year 1, Year 2
  • Wednesdays: Preps, Year 3, Year 6
  • Thursdays: Year 4 and  Year 5T and Year 5L
  • Fridays: Year 5K​

Students can read, play games, do puzzles, watch a movie, borrow, draw, catch up with school work and many other activities.

We would like to thank the wonderful parents who come in regularly to shelve and cover new books. You help us to keep our Library a wonderful place!

Watch the weekly newsletter for special events during the year!  Come in and discover the many resources on offer.​​