Reporting to Parents

The Purpose of Reporting

Reporting is a process, not simply a format for a report card. It is a culmination of the planning, monitoring and assessing processes that are applied regularly and routinely in a cyclic manner.

Australian Government Legislative Requirements

  • Schools must provide to parents the NAPLAN reports on standardised Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 literacy and numeracy testing.
  • Schools must provide an opportunity for the child and parents to meet with the child’s teacher at least twice a year.
  • Schools must also provide written reports to parents at least twice yearly. This is to be reported using a five point scale.
  • Schools must, at a minimum, offer to provide information on a child’s achievement relative to the child’s peer group.


Years P – 6 Response to Legislative Requirements

We follow the BCE response to the Schools Assistance Act (2005) and regulations by :
  • Reporting in each subject area of student progress against the Australian Curriculum achievement standards.
  • Reporting using the following 5 point scale
    • Achieving Well Above the Expected Level
    • Achieving Above the Expected Level
    • Achieving at the Expected Level
    • Achieving Below the Expected Level
    • Achieving Well Below the Expected Level
Information on the student’s position in the peer group (whole year level) will be made on request through discussion with parents. It will outline the number of students in the year level who achieved within each of the levels in the 5 point scale written above.


Reporting Practices

Each teacher for each student in their class will follow this reporting schedule:

Term 1

  • Teacher offer for an individual meeting for parents to share information.
  • IEP meetings for students with disabilities

Term 2

  • Parent Teacher Interview – discussion  of student achievement

  • Written Summative Report – summary of student achievement in Semester One

Term 3

  • IEP meetings for students with disabilities
  • NAPLAN results for students in Year 3 and 5

Term 4

  • Written Summative Report – summary of student achievement in Semester Two