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DSC_1305.jpgOn Wednesday 16th May 2012 an information evening was held to discuss our Learning and Teaching – Strategic Resourcing plan commencing Semester 2, 2012. The purpose of this evening was to share important initiatives regarding contemporary Learning and Teaching at St Rita's. The response on the evening from the parent community was extremely positive and this web page has been developed for parents who were unable to attend, to briefly outline the information presented.

DSC_1295 (2).jpgInformation presented included details of our ICLT (Information Communication Learning Technology) 'Strategic Resourcing Plan' in response to current trends in Australian Education, namely; The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals; Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA), and the ICLT General Capabilities.

The School Leadership Team, Grant Tanham-Kelly (St Rita's School Board) and Jodie Peeters - Brisbane Catholic Education outlined:

  • St Rita's: Vision and Mission for Learning and Teaching: Know More, Do More, Be More
  • Community Partnership with Victoria Point Community Bank: presentation of $5000 to St Rita's.
  • Australian Education priorities
  • Brisbane Catholic Education System Initiatives: LIFE LMS
  • Strategic Resourcing Plan: parent levy of $3:08 per week / per child commencing Semester 2, 2012 to ensure sustainable provision of essential technology resources across all year levels.

If you have any specific questions in relation to any of the information outlined please email stritasiclt@bne.catholic.edu.au.  Further parent forums will be scheduled to detail more information to progress these initiatives. Again, we thank you for your continued community support as we strive to make the 'Yet Unimagined' Possible.

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability continuum across stages of schooling as presented on the ACARA website