Extension Opportunities

​At St Rita’s we value rich and engaging learning experiences that encourage every student to reach their full potential. We aim to increase student motivation by providing challenging opportunities in accordance with the student’s strengths and capabilities. These opportunities for extension and curriculum modification can take shape in four main domains (Maker, 1982 cited in GERRIC Modules, 2004)


Content Modifications

  • Abstract, complex, varied
  • Involve issues of organisation, study of people, methods of inquiry. ​

​Process Modifications

  • Involve higher order thinking processes
  • Promote creative and critical thinking
  • Require problem solving
  • Involve group interaction
  • Have variable levels of pacing
  • Allow for debriefing of the process
  • Involve open-endedness
  • Allow for freedom of choice

Product Modifications

  • Involve real world problems
  • Be for real world audiences
  • Require real deadlines
  • Require transformation of learning
  • Involve appropriate assessment and evaluation
  • Involve extended or accelerated outcomes.​

Learning Environment modifications

  • Be flexible and open
  • Encourage independent and intrinsic learning
  • Be accepting and non- judgemental
  • Encourage complex and abstract thought.


Extension Opportunities currently offered at St Rita’s-2016

  • Classroom extension and curriculum modifications
  • Prep inquiry learning group
  • Year 1 Rainforest extension
  • Year 2- Using information technology to enhance creative writing
  • Year 3 Extension Group- Maths investigations and Creative writing
  • Year 4/5 Future Problem Solving Group
  • Year 6 competition level Future Problem Solving Group
  • ICAS and AMC participation
  • Brisbane Writer's Festival
  • Writing Competitions
  • Gifted QAGTC workshops for selected students
  • Excellence days