Early Years (P-2)

StRita's_089.JPGAll children in the early years of schooling (Prep -Year 2) at St Rita’s Catholic Primary School, Victoria Point, are entitled to a holistic curriculum which is responsive to each child’s diverse and unique spiritual, cognitive, physical, social, cultural and emotional learning needs. 

Learning and Teaching in the Early Years at St Rita’s is characterised by:

  • Explicit evidence based teaching that is purposeful, focused and targeted. 
  • Application and understanding of contemporary early childhood pedagogy by early years educators.
  • Planning and Teaching that uses the BCE Effective and Expected Practices including Gradual Release of Responsibility and Teaching Phonics in Context.
  • Daily opportunities for children to problem solve, experiment, take risks, persist, sustain interactions and co-construct knowledge. 
  • Daily opportunities for sensory, concrete, creative and social engagement activities.
  • Teacher and student initiated learning experiences.

This is achieved through the 5 contexts for learning