Frequently Asked Questions

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The school participates in the Ashton Scholastic Book Club Scheme.  Brochures outlining details of the books, their appropriateness for the student's reading level and interests are sent home to enable choices to be made and order forms completed. This is supported by the school as it is educational for students, but by no means compulsory for any family.



Please make sure that all personal property is clearly marked.  Students are discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.  Lost property is sent to the office and will be kept for one term.



Individual, class, and family photos will be taken during the year.



For professional development and updating of teaching strategies, curriculum changes etc, staff members are encouraged to attend in-service days during the year.  Other qualified teachers replace the regular class teachers, and class work is continued.  As a Learning Community, our school benefits greatly from this practice.



School Banking is done through the Bank of Qld on a weekly basis.  Parents volunteer to collect student’s banking.  Money needs to be in the school office before 9 am on School Banking day and books are returned to students’  classes. Please contact the school office to find out what day Student Banking occurs.