Springfest 2017


The winners of the Major Raffle are listed below. Congratulations to all winners, of all prizes won at our Springfest on Saturday. What a great day it was.
  • 1st Prize $5000 Raffle - Jen Cheketri
  • 2nd Prize $2000 Raffle - Hope Lodge
  • 3rd Prize $1000 Raffle - Matthew McDonald
  • Eco Rangers Raffle Winner – Tangalooma Day Trip – Elesha Butler
  • Lego Lego, Doll & Teddy Competition Winners:
    Judges Vote: Eloise K 2L, Kyuss H 2L, Will D 4T, Kalin J 6K
    Public Vote: Hudson P PT, Jack R PK, Jack M 3T, Noah C 4K, Jamie H 5T
  • Guess the Dolls Name Competition Winner.
    The doll's name was 'Rose' and the name was guessed by Hannah J PK.
  • Jelly Bean Competition - Jack in 6L and Mattia in 3T both guessed 350!!
  • Meat tray: Michelle Pocock
 The Springfest had a wonderful feel to it and I had lots of comments about this year being the best fete yet. There was certainly plenty of options for everyone in the family with a variety of stalls and activities. A lot of people stayed on for the ‘bump out’ as well and worked on into the night to ensure everything was packed up and all good for school yesterday. Debbie and Kim and their team did an outstanding job and were meticulous with their organisation. I extend a sincere ‘Thank You’ to them and all of you for the work and huge efforts you put into supporting the fete committee and working on the day. Thank you!