School Parent Network Meeting

​​​At our last School Parent Network Meeting the following items were discussed: -

The P&F conference was about ‘Collaborative Success’ - all families of a school community can work together to have

  • Family engagement
  • Learning opportunities
  • Social activities

Our School Parent Network members in attendance suggested

  • At enrolment meeting – ask parents what can they do for the school?
  • Generating a list of things / events that can be done by families, promote and ask for volunteers
  • SPN information package created for orientation and then follow-up in new year
  • Catholic School Parents Assoc link for staff to look at for ideas on how to engage parents
  • 2020 Conference to be promoted
  • Encourage all families to do ‘Just One Thing’ where every family can nominate 'just one thing' that they will support or even coordinate for that school year.

Upcoming Events that will need volunteers for the event to occur

  • World Teacher’s Day – Oct 26
  • Prep Orientation
  • Carol’s Night


  • Two Buddy Benches to be paid for by School Parent Network, Yr 5 students investigated and submitted proposal for these

Fundraising Committee

  • Two parents volunteered to be on a Fundraising Committee to investigate possibilities for the major fundraising for 2019