School Hours and Drop Off/Pick Up Arrangements

​Safety First! Drop Off and Pick Up
Thank you to all our parents using the street parking and/or Drive Thru system correctly, safely and patiently.  The Drive Thru is for both drop off and pick up from the Benfer Rd entrance.  Please proceed through the Church carpark in the right hand lane and move around to the pick-up zone.  We ask that you do this both in the morning for drop off as well as the afternoon.  It is dangerous for children to be exiting or entering cars in the carpark lanes.   For the safety of everyone, when driving through the carpark please ensure you stay under the speed limit of 5km per hour.  We also ask that you not drive into the school grounds in front of the church.   The Red Gum Drive entrance is for staff only to enter the staff carpark or early morning or late afternoon Outside School Hours Care.  A staggered approach is ideal in the afternoon.  Staff are on duty in the Drive Thru until at least 3.30pm.  Parents / Carers arriving at 3.15 onwards have a clear run through.  We understand that at times, you may be caught in a traffic jam somewhere.  Please be assured that you children will not be left unattended. 
School Hours and Outside Hours School Care
Classes commence at 8.30am and conclude at 3pm.   A bell will ring at 8.10am for supervised play for students who arrive early.  The Prep to Year 2 students remain in the Admin play area and Year 3 – 6 are escorted up to the oval seat area. It is expected that students arrive from 8am onwards.  At this time, the toilets will be opened. Any earlier, we ask that you enrol into the Outside School Hours morning program.  The contact number for OHSC is 0477 550 070.