Road Safety Reminder

​​It is time once again to remind everyone about being safety-conscious in and around our school, particularly at drop-off and pick-up times. In our main car park, off Benfer Road, drivers need to be conscious not to block
the traffic flow in the roundabout. The right-hand lane within the carpark is for vehicles exiting onto Benfer
Road. The left-hand lane is for vehicles using our Drive-Thru lanes, which itself then splits into two lanes.

All vehicles using the Drive-Thru should use the left-hand lane. The right-hand lane of the Drive-Thru is there to allow vehicles which have already made the pick-up to go around stationary vehicles if there is a delay. Recently
we’ve had multiple incidents of drivers coming down that Drive-Thru right-hand lane at speed to use it as an
alternative car park exit on to Benfer Road. This not only has the potential to cause an accident in our Drive-Thru, but it also adds unnecessary traffic to an already congested area, which includes two pedestrian crossings near the exit point.

carpark2018a.jpg   carpark2018b.jpg