PLL News

Every week I visit classrooms around the school. Last week I visited some year 5 and 6 classrooms to gain feedback from the students about their current learning. I posed a question regarding literacy learning which refers to reading, writing ,speaking and listening across all subjects. The student responses reflect a very rich literacy learning environment at our school. Below are some examples of the answers I received.

What are you doing in class that motivates and engages you in literacy learning across all subjects?
  • ​“We are writing a business plan as part of HASS “ Noah Year 6
  • “We use Pobble 365 to motivate us to write (compose)” Callum and William Year 6
  • “We co-constructed a haiku poem to help us write our own poem “ Isabella Year 6
  • “We use an online reading resource -Epic Book “ Jessica Year 6
  • “We do Reciprocal reading in class” Eloise Year 6
  • “Buddy reading and Picnic Reading with students in the lower school. Regular reading at home is encouraged by teachers “ Ashleigh Year 6, Lachlan Year 6 & Year 5 students 
  • “Leading Monday Assembly and presentations “ Sarah Year 6 
  • “Class presentations in HASS including Shark Tank “ Peri Year 6  
  • “Exploring poetry and song lyrics focussing on similes and metaphors” Leme Year 6  
  • “Writing a gratitude journal “ Tilliah Year 6  
  • “Reading class novel for enjoyment” Madelyn Year 6  
  • "Creating word Walls “ Jessica Year 6  
  • “Reading with year 6s “Charlotte Year 5   
  • “Drama- reading and writing scripts” Mattia Year 5   
  • “DEAR Drop Everything and read “Abi Year 5   
  • “Reading Kids News” Mark Year 5   
  • “Sharing ideas at Coding Club” Year 5 student   
  • “Sharing ideas at Rita’s Rangers “Year 5 student   
  • “Research “ Ryan Year 5 
  •  “Reading Book Reviews in library “ Year 5 student